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10 Examples of Sales Departmental Problems

10 Examples of Sales Departmental Problems

Large or small, every sales department or business have issues that need tackling.

Some are on a personal level with individual members of a team, some on a process level for the company. Other problems relate to I.T. and data management, but can you associate with any of these problems and most importantly, would you like help to resolve them ….

10 examples of hidden problems & issues that never get tackled in the Sales Dept.


  1. Staff come and go with alarmingly regularity and take vital client knowledge with them.
  2. Your customers buying teams regularly change roles or leave their positions, breaking up your relationship flow and communication channels.
  3. Sales people go on holiday or off sick with all notes/verbal agreements in personal notebooks, so other people and departments can’t answer questions or validify complaints.
  4. Staff don’t know how to use software, so they are not interested and don’t bother. It’s communication melt down, amateurish and embarrassing reasons for not being able to answer questions and you look stupid.
  5. No real time knowledge of sales funnels and prospective work values; all guesswork as there is no place to monitor information.
  6. Promised call backs missed as no appointment scheduling in place.
  7. It’s a Digital world – communication arrives/sent via mobiles, we all have multiple email addresses, Whats’ App, private Facebook / LinkedIn messages and key information is lost.
  8. You don’t know which CRM software to use as you can’t place a value on it, budget for it or choose the best one for your business.
  9. You have off-site workers that create data security issues or use as an excuse not to communicate and forget to update information.
  10. You think, you know, or you fear staff are stealing your data from easy access of spreadsheets via email, Dropbox sharing, Google Drive access, Smart Phones, USB Pens etc.

If any of the above sound familiar, we can help you tackle the issues and get back on track with your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) strategy.

Find out more at http://why-us.co.uk/solutions/customer-relationship-management/ or contact us direct on 01772 921111 and we can come to see you

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