7 Reasons For Video Marketing

7 Reasons For Video Marketing

Read these 7 reasons for video marketing if you want to get recognised by search engines and ahead of your competitors.

It’s never been as easy to produce quick and effective branded video. Which is great, as it’s never been as an important as it is today to add video content into your brand and marketing strategy.


  1. Branded video content builds brand awareness and more importantly, trust in your brand.

    One of the most important jobs of marketeer is to create a brand that people trust. This is not just the job of marketing department; this responsibility goes through the company.

    A great way to build trust with your social media audience and convert them to customers is to put a face to the brand. Whether it is the founder, director, head of sales or the marketing assistant who is on the video, people will always warm to a company if they see it is run by humans with personality.

    We’ve all heard the phrase ‘People buy People’. This isn’t just a sales moto; marketeers should adopt it also. Putting a face to your brand creates credibility, personality and most importantly, trust.

  2. Good quality video content is a scroll stopper

    Have you ever been in the endless cycle of scrolling through your Facebook or Instagram to pass time? Every now and again you are compelled to stop scrolling because you have come across a video that has captured your attention. If you can create great, enticing video content that stops people scrolling then the video has done its job.

    You may not get the sale straight away, but they will like the video along with your page. Now you can hit them with more relevant, engaging content and when they need the services you offer you have already created that rapport, credibility, and trust in your brand. With this work already done the sales conversion will be much easier because they trust your brand.

  3.  Video creates stronger emotional connections
    Marketing is all about story telling. If you’ve got a great storyteller in your marketing team they are worth their weight in gold. Add that to some great video content then you have recipe for success.

  4. Mobile viewers love video content
    Over 80% of people predominately on their phone or tablet rather than a laptop. Good quality, concise video content is perfect for mobile viewers who looking on a small screen.

  5. Video content is a great way of growing your organic reach
    Video gives you chance to increase the time visitors spend on your website. In recent years there has been a massive increase in the effectiveness of video content on your Google rankings. A good, optimised videos with all the meta data in place is a great tool to build your SEO rankings.

  6. Video engages lazy buyers who won’t read through a full article
    For most people video content is easier to consume than a written blog. Life today is too busy to spend time reading long blogs, product descriptions or detailed, in-depth service offerings. I don’t know about you, but I am too busy and too many lazy to read through long product descriptions. I want to see the product in action. If I can see a product working with my own eyes in a video, I am much more likely to invest in it rather reading about it on a screen.


  7. Videos are a great way to explain your product or service to your engaged audience.
    Explainer videos are a great way to walk people around your product offering for many reasons.

    It is more personal with your potential customers seeing a member of the team passionately demonstrating or explain your product or service shows your passion for the brand.

    People are much more likely to trust your product or service if you are willing to put your face on camera promoting it. This shows you believe in your product.

    You can capture people imagination with video in a way you can’t with text on a screen.


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