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Create Branded Video Content With No Editing Needed

Looking for a video software platform that provides seamless access to branded video content?

Look no further than whY-us? Video. Our video software and platform is user-friendly and makes it easy for brands to upload and manage their video content created on their smartphone, tablet or PC.

Whether you’re looking to create a short promotional video, product demo, educational content or video testimonials, our platform has everything you need to produce  branded videos with engaging Call To Actions

No Editing Needed! No Time Wasted!

Impress Your Audience

  • Create branded video’s in just a few clicks
  • Get client video testimonials from their mobiles.
  • Send branded video’s in emails and monitor.
  • Add branded video to your sales proposals
  • Use across your digital platforms
  • No editing needed.
  • Branded video from a phone to finished in just a few minutes
Recording branded video

Features of our Video Platform

Branded Video GBConfex

Send Video Emails

Engage your clients with Video Email. Quickly and easily send video email messages that stand out! Communicate to your audience more effectively using video.

Branded Video GBConfex


Create videos that describe your services or products, or simply share your knowledge with your audience.  Branded video is perfect for increasing brand recognition.

Branded Video GBConfex

Capture Story Videos

We all love a good story. Our Story Video Tool lets you create a compelling videos to educate or help your viewer make a buying decision about your product or service.

Branded Video GBConfex

Collect Video Testimonials

Video testimonials are a strategic way to invite your customers to share, in their own words. Putting your clients on screen is a powerful way of advocating your brand

Branded Video GBConfex

Send Video Messages

Engage your customers with Video Messages. Quickly and easily create a video message and send via Whats App, Messenger and all other platforms. 

Latest New Feature Added


You can choose to add ‘Captions’ to make your branded video’s look even more professional and reach a wider audience

Branded Video GBConfex

Our Video Platform Includes all of these great features

Tell your story through creative and inspiring video content

Just £99

per month +VAT

or choose £79 per month for 3 months

Frequently Asked Questions


Simple. Check that they are happy to create a video testimonial, then send then a website link by email (your portal will can send it for you). They click the link, record on their phone / laptop, click submit. It then automatically lands in your portal, you click accept and your branded video is produced! 

No. whY-us? video is a rolling monthly platform. You can cancel at any time, or choose the 3 month contract option at a discounted rate.

The videos can anything up to 90 seconds. Perfect for engaging social media content.

It certainly is! Once you are set up you can request and record videos at the click of a button. As simple as that!

You can request and record videos using your smartphone, tablet or laptop. If its got a camera you’re set.


You don’t need any special app to record videos. Just click the record button and away you go. If you are not happy with the video or you make a mistake just press record again and it will start recording again, take as many times as you need.

You get an email notification as soon as your client has recorded the video. You will also be able to monitor the status on your dashboard.

Yes, whY-Us can help build your online presence. Get in touch to book a consultation.

Your package includes one email address which is a User. You can add as many Users as you like just £30 per month per user.

Absolutely it can. Simply upload an animated logo instead of a jpg and your branded video can start and end with an animated logo. We can create these for you, starting from £80 +VAT – just ask.

Just £99

per month +VAT

or choose £79 per month for 3 months