Burnley College industry visit

Burnley College Industry Visit

Burnley College invited whY-us? to deliver a workshop to the students studying the Level 3 Business Diploma. We led a workshop as industry experts to offer assignment advice, explore theoretical models and answer a Q&A.

We have been working closely with Burnley College to support students and tutors on business and marketing courses. One of the aims of this partnership is to provide students with industry knowledge and insight. Aligning education and industry is a no-brainer for us. Ensuring students have access to enterprise advice and mentoring provides them with insight and inspiration for when they join the workforce.

Business studies lecturer Nikolett Turai invited us to deliver a workshop and Q&A Session to her level 3 students. The students have been set an assignment based on whY-us?, NORI HR and Employment Law and Zimpli Kids’ marketing communications. To be successful in the assignment, the students will have to analyse the effectiveness of the business’ integrated marketing communications.

We delivered the session in three parts. Richard led the beginning of the workshop, informing students about the background of whY-us? and NORI HR. He explained that NORI HR is a client of ours, and outsources their marketing to us. This allowed the students to learn the meaning, reasons and benefits of outsourcing, particularly outsourcing marketing.

Burnley College industry visit

The next part of the session was based on theoretical models that can be used as arguments in the student’s assignment. Kelsey delivered this element of the session as her background of work-based education means the students can relate to her and also allows her to provide current understanding. She explored the different types of marketing communication, the benefits of integrated marketing strategies and the marketing mix whilst asking the students to answer and apply real-life examples to the models. 

Burnley College industry visit

We concluded the workshops with a Q&A about anything about the assignment, the businesses and other appropriate questions. We were happy that the students were proactive and asked a variety of questions about different things. The Q&A allowed us to answer any questions about what we discussed, questions about the industry and options for the students upon completing their diploma.

Kelsey says

“Partnering with Burnley College is mutually beneficial for whY-us?, the students and the course lecturers. It was great to meet all the students who were active in participating. Their participation added value to the session and helped us to offer more advice and answers about the industry.

I was happy that the students were interested in knowing more about the degree apprenticeship route. Work-based learning and apprenticeships are something I am passionate about, so I feel very fortunate to be able to reflect on my experience and give advice to students who could benefit from this. Being able to engage the students with both this and marketing theory is something I really enjoy. We were all pleased with the outcome of the session and I wish students the best of luck in their assignments.”

Nikolett commented

“Thank you so much. Once again, I wanted to thank both of you [Richard and Kelsey] for your support. The presentation was brilliant and provided an amazing opportunity for the students to have a better understanding of how this industry works.”

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