At whY-us? we firmly believe all businesses should have a business networking Campaign as part of their marketing, sales, procurement or employee personal development strategy.

Which sounds better to you…

ACold calling businesses, trying to get past reception gate keepers, with no knowledge of the business owners name or willingness to engage in conversation…


BThe opportunitiy to meet groups of business owners or influential people face to face. Gain referrals from people you didn’t know about, share ideas and get out of your office to see what’s going on outside.

Additionally, secure trusted suppliers you are going to meet with on a consistent basis and provide employees with the chance to develop their interaction, presentation and sales skills. 

Condfidence or Lack Of..

Hopefully you recognised that OPTION B is best for most, but do you have the confidence to actually get out and talk to people, or do you prefer to hide behind your office desk or phone? 

As organisers of multiple business networking groups, we can assure you that most people ARE very nervous at first, but there is nothing wrong with that and it also means you’re not alone.

What we also see, is that once you have attended just one meeting, you realise that Business Networking can be for you and you become much more confident. You will develop a knack and best way to present you company.

So how do you get to that stage and how do you make your networking efforts effective? Let whY-us? help you…

why-us? will first help you develop the initial key elements of success.

  1. Understanding of business networking for you and your business
  2. Defining your networking strategy
  3. Building your confidence
  4. Writing your pitch or presentation

Confidence is a large hurdle for many. We speak to alot of people that indicate networking is not for them, purely because they struggle with confidence in communication; at this stage you are missing a big opportunitiy and those barriers have to be knocked down. Consider the opposite too, the over confident ones can also trip themselves up as ‘too salesy’.

Then we look at your activity at the event…

  1. Your appearance and the marketing collateral you should take with you
  2. How to integrate yourself into conversations.
  3. Who to look for, identify opportunities or adapt your pitch based on attendees (if necessary)
  4. How to gain referrals and organise 1:1 follow up meetings.
  5. What not to do
  6. How to measure value

The Reason why? The Post Effect

Now if the above is not important enough, here is the biggy!

You’ve gone to the trouble of planning and presenting, but so many people forget the follow up.

Always maximise the time you have invested already in the follow up. So many people attend events, gain business cards then stack them in a drawer to only be seen every spring clean (if they are lucky). whY-us? will now help you maximise your time and money wisely.

If you would like to find out more about Business Networking, contact us or phone Richard on 07931 775803.

You can either join us at our next meeting, or we can come to you, explain the benefits it will bring to your people, brand and business and if desired, give you a Business Networking coaching session. To find a business networking meeting near you, search

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