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Carl’s Journey To Website Developer

Carl is our website developer and SEO Specialist at whY-us? Marketing. His journey to website developer is really interesting! Find out more below.

My role at whY-us? Marketing is building websites, supporting clients with updates and queries and now SEO services. My journey to website development started from my own love for all things surrounding websites and software.

My love for web development came in 2018. I was working for a company as business development manager. This role was all about bringing in new business and supporting existing clients, but an issue I noticed was the antiquated website we used. The business needed a new website, but I was told there was no budget. Whilst that might have been the end of the story for some, I wanted to see if there was anything I could do myself.

The fascination began when I started searching, learning, and watching free videos on YouTube. In my own time, I had learned the basic principles of website development and identified WordPress as a website builder. Before I knew it, I had built a brand new, good looking (if I say so myself!) website for the business.

The website went live and was being used to support our outbound sales process. If you are familiar with digital marketing, you will know that a website is just the start. Whilst the website was performing well, and doing what we initially wanted to, I knew there was more to be done. So, I began to look at how we could rank higher on Google.

Like the website scenario, there was no budget. This meant I had to do the best I could organically, this is when I discovered SEO.  So, I began embarking on the SEO journey and started a campaign. YouTube, blogs, and podcasts really were my best friends. I really enjoyed learning about this and implementing it and in months we had some great results, ranking on the first page for many services.

In 2020, I began a business with my wife to support our daughter and named it after her. I was still working full time but in my spare time, Delilah Chloe gave me even more opportunities to channel my creativity, love for websites and SEO and allowed me to do lots of testing and tweaking!

Unfortunately, not long after COVID-19 appeared, and we were locked down. This resulted in me being furloughed and with lots of time on my hands. In a way, I am grateful for this as it allowed us to build and focus on Delilah Chloe, but also to upskill in my newfound talents. So I went all in and decided to hone my skills as a website developer. During this time, I completed several online certifications and spent a lot of time studying with HubSpot academy. This allowed me to go back to basics, learn the principles and fall even more in love with Website Development and SEO.

Having been in the business world for many years, I had done a lot of networking. This is how I had come to meet Richard. We had developed a great working relationship over the years, with him supporting the previous business I worked for with management and mentoring. Richard always kept in touch and was always interested in my progression into website development. In early 2021, he invited me to join whY-us?, working on website projects. 3 years later we are going from strength to strength with website builds and ongoing SEO projects.

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