CRM System Design & Build

What is CRM?

CRM System Design & Build manages your business data securely and creates effective workflows and marketing campaigns, from accurate and up to date data.

whY-us? provide complete design and build with staff training to get the most out of your investment.

What is your CRM strategy and programme?

CRM is not just about answering customer service phone calls, emails, tweets and letters and it’s not just about collecting customer clients details or data for the sake of it.

Do you store information but never do anything with it?

CRM System Design & Build


A bespoke CRM system and strategy should be built into all businesses and processes in order to (at the very least):
  • Maintain relationships with all stake holders such as prospects, customers, suppliers, shareholders and even competitors to ensure you have the ability to engage with them exactly when you need to, whether that be in negotiations or for strategic reasons  throughout the year.
  • CRM ManagementEvery business and individual has an obligation to securely store and manage personal data in line with GDPR regulations. A CRM project will instil a discipline within the business, to ensure all employees understand why secure data management is important.
  • Take information from your CRM database and use it to understand your sales, services, product mix, trends, repeat and missed sales. Identify seasonal trends and performances in order to maximise any opportunity to make positive change.
  • Appreciate the information you are recording is required and relied upon from many departments within your business for different reasons. You can’t run a business off scraps of paper, personal note books, emails and memory alone!
  • Realise how a robust CRM system will support to create a sustainable business growth for the benefit of the business, employees, customers and suppliers.

Typical problems with CRM

Most business suffer from data problems and issues that never get tackled.

You think, you know, or you fear staff are stealing your data from easy access of spreadsheets via email, Dropbox sharing, Google Drive access, Smart Phones, USB Pens etc.

Staff come and go with alarmingly regularity and take vital client knowledge with them.

  • Your customers buying teams regularly change roles or leave their positions, breaking up your relationship flow and communication channels.
  • Sales people go on holiday or off sick with all notes/verbal agreements in personal notebooks, so other people and departments can’t answer questions or complaints.
  • Business CardsStaff don’t know how to use software, so they are not interested and don’t bother. It’s communication melt down, amateurish and embarrassing reasons for not being able to
    answer questions and you look stupid.
  • No real time knowledge of sales funnels and prospective work values; all guesswork as there is no place to monitor information.
  • Promised call backs missed as no appointment scheduling in place.
  • It’s a Digital world – communication arrives/sent via mobiles, we all have multiple email addresses, Whats’ App, private Facebook / LinkedIn messages and key information is lost.
  • You don’t know which CRM software to use as you can’t place a value on it, budget for it or choose the best one for your business.
  • You have off-site workers that create data security issues or use as an excuse not to communicate and forget to update information.

Our CRM Platforms

Which CRM software?

There are thousands of software programmes to choose from including the most basic Excel, through to entry level systems, cloud based programmes and bespoke, developer built solutions.

Here is an examples of some of the brands you may have heard of:

Act, Salesforce, InfusionSoft, Microsoft Dynamics, SugarCRM, Zoho, Oracle, Insightly, Sage CRM, ZenDesk, KEAP

There are many factors to consider when choosing a CRM programme such as budgets, how intuitive they are, adaptability to grow with your business, reporting capabilities and which departmental needs you are satisfying, to name just a few.

At whY-us? we will remove any confusion or uncertainty to ensure you have the right platform that best suits and supports to shape your business. 

How To Choose? 

We will support you to develop a programme by looking at the existing information and processes that are currently in place. We will then look at the desirables such as workflows and how to remove existing blockages.

We will consider budgets, which departments we are supporting (all or some), where data needs to be transferred from, automated and manual processes, integration with other softwares such as accounts packages or websites etc.

This will all help you truly develop the business case and benefits to developing a new CRM database and strategy for the business. 

You may think you can do that already, but the problem you have is time restraints, resource issues, badly formed databases with little structure, irrelevant content, missing information and duplicates that we know you will not want to sort yourself. You are probably also too entrenched in your business and not looking at the bigger picture. With an independent eye from whY-us? , we’ll see things and create ideas you had never previously thought of.

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