‘whY-us?’ Company Workshops bring out the best in your Departments and Employees.

We work with businesses to host workshops for your Sales and Marketing departments. Our facilitation techniques ensure each member of the group is encouraged to have an input; we generate new ideas, discussion points, initiatives, enable collaboration, energise departments and individuals and creates a motivation to embrace change.

If your Sales or Marketing department just goes through the motions and needs a new focus, we can write a programme for you.

Company Workshops are bespoke to your business and are written to meet your needs. Here are just some of the topics we cover:

  • DocumentationBringing Sales & Marketing voices together
  • Explaining benefits of CRM data management
  • Identifying product portfolio range and new product/service opportunities
  • Identifying marketing portfolio and enable change
  • Up-skilling and pro-active sales and marketing mindset
  • Getting employee buy-in and motivation
  • Strategy Mind Mapping
  • Enabling Change
  • Developing the whY-us? factor in your people and company
  • Social Media strategies
  • Enabling Non-Sales workers to embrace the business
  • Write and Deliver a Sales Script
  • Presentation skills


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