Implementing video into your content strategy

Implementing Video Into Content Strategy

Content marketing is a powerful technique that businesses can use to increase awareness, conversions, and loyalty. However, many content strategies lack video. Video is a powerful tool that captures attention, effectively conveys messages, and leaves an impression on the viewer. In this blog, Kelsey guides you how to and the benefits of implementing video into your content strategy.

Video, specifically short form, is a cost-effective way to capture the attention of your target audience. Short-form video can range from seconds to a few minutes. These videos should be brief but effective. Short videos can be produced by repurposing longer videos and creating ‘bite-sized’ versions to creating short and snappy explainer or introduction videos. Short form video should be attention-grabbing, deliver a clear message and leave a lasting impact.

Over the past decade, both platforms and users have shifted their preferences to video. From the likes of TikTok to Instagram Reels to YouTube Shorts, social media platforms are promoting the use and creation of short-form video content. The results of short-form video speak for itself. So, implementing video into your strategy should be a no brainer.

Why video should be utilised in your content strategy

The rise of short form video has changed the way businesses and marketers communicate with their audiences. Video offers both businesses and users several advantages:

Increased engagement

Video is a lot more captivating than static images or plain text. A powerful video with an effective hook can capture the user’s attention instantly and stop ‘the scroll’. Viewers are typically more entertained by video and will engage more. Higher engagement from users will typically lead the algorithm to boost your content too.

Information retention

Creators and businesses can utilise video to communicate a key message. If it is delivered correctly, there is a higher chance of the user retaining the information.

Allows creativity

Video is a versatile type of content, allowing businesses to be as creative as they want to be. A video can be used to create multiple concepts from tutorials to testimonials or even humorous content.

SEO benefits

Video can also contribute to Search Engine (and social media) Optimisation. Adding video into your content mix increases time on page/account and reduce bounce rates.


Short-form video is now typically created on mobile. This means that your video is instantly mobile-friendly, which is great, as videos are enjoyed mostly on smart phones and tablets.

Demonstrate your personality

Video allows you to give your audience an insight into personalities at your business. Giving users a visual and sound insights can contribute to your authenticity and gain user trust.

Types of Video

Short form video is versatile. Video offers multiple creative outlets and can be used to portray a wide range of messages. Creators can utilise video to create a range of concepts, including:

  • Explainer videos
  • Demonstrations
  • Storytelling
  • Testimonials
  • Behind the scenes
  • Live videos
  • Interviews
  • User generated content

How to implement video into your content strategy

Short-form video offers multiple benefits whilst being a reasonably cost-effective option. Here are some tips to effectively implement video into your strategy:

Audit current content

This is the key place to start. Before you introduce new content, analyse your existing content. Take a look at your insights and learn what works and what hasn’t.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What have people engaged with?
  2. Is there content that could be improved?
  3. Can I repurpose any of this content?
  4. What is my content missing?

Asking yourself these questions will give insight into existing content and give you a more-informed approach when planning.

Define your objectives

Outline your goals and reasons for incorporating video into your strategy.
It may be to increase engagement by humanising your content. Or perhaps increasing awareness, lead generation or conversions.

    • A good example of this is a recent objective I set with a social media client. We aim to increase engagement by using videos of their team which will create a sense of familiarity and hopefully build connections with their audience.

Choose types of video and what formats you will use

Decide which type of videos you will create. Ensure this is aligned with your objectives.

Will you use a software, a certain tool or platform?

Develop a content plan

Begin to integrate video when planning content. Begin by deciding the balance between different types of content (images, graphics, video, text). It is important to analyse how each format can complement and enhance content.

Optimise for different platforms

It is important to understand optimisation for each platform for maximum reach. For example, TikTok has different guidelines compared to Meta which will differ from YouTube.

Promote & Distribute

Begin to share your optimised videos across all of your marketing platforms. Utilise your video on social media, blog and sharing platforms.

Test and Experiment

Experimenting with video will inform you on what works and what does not. Enjoy the process of trying new concepts, new ideas and finding out what your audience engages with the most. Ensure to utilise analytics and qualitative data.

Kelsey's top tips for creating video

  • Plan ahead.
  • Understand what you are communicating.
  • Tell a story.
  • Maintain brand consistency (values, brand voice and branding).
  • Incorporate Call-To-Actions.
  • Set out time to record content.
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Utilising video enriches your content mix and provides a better experience for users. The benefits of video, discussed in this blog, can significantly enhance your marketing efforts and results. By following the steps and utilising the information in this blog, you can begin to create videos that will drive engagement.

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