Instagram Algorithm for Business

Instagram Algorithm Explained for Businesses

Meta has released an official guide, explaining to users how the Instagram algorithm works. This update has explained why we see what we see when exploring the app.

But what does it mean for businesses?

In this guide, social media specialist, Kelsey, explains how businesses can use this update to their advantage. 

Ranking On Instagram

Instagram’s Algorithm has been a question of users, creators and social media managers for a long time.

This update has provided us with a lot of clarity, but I didn’t say it was simple.

There isn’t just one algorithm

Instagram Algorithm Explained for Businesses

Instagram’s different formats all have different algorithms based on different concepts and ‘predictions’


It’s all about personalisation.

Instagram prioritises users’ experience over anything else. Anything shown to an individual is based on their preferences and history which informs the predictions mentioned above.


Users are shown stories of people they follow.

The stories shown are based on algorithm predictions that are based on 

  • User’s history of engagement 
  • The user’s relationship with the creator

Ask yourself this: How often do your users engage with your stories? How can you get them to?

More reactions and replies = more visibility 


This is your chance to reach your followers and potential audiences with exciting updates and news. Instagram aims to show users the crème de la crème and will pritorise content based on

  • User’s Activity 
  • Information about the post
  • Info about YOU (the creator)
  • Your history with users 

Instagram will display content from best to worst.

Tip: Want to break through the crowd? Encourage your followers to add you to their favourites.


How much time have you wasted on watching reels/TikToks? 

Reels are made purposely for entertainment purposes and to keep users on the app. Reels 99% of the time will be created by creators that users do not follow.

This Instagram algorithm uses the following data to suggest this content:

  • Interests of Users
  • User’s past watches
  • Information about the reel

This is your opportunity to reach your desired customers by creating on-brand, relatable, helpful and entertaining content.


This is where your followers and potential audiences go to find something new. This page could not be any more tailored to an individual, as such the predictions (in order of importance) are based on:

  • Information about the post (popularity etc)
  • The user’s activity within Explore (what they like, share, save)
  • Information about the user
  • Information about you (aka the person who has posted)

Similar to Reels – The Instagram Explore Algorithm is another fantastic way to target new audiences.

Instagram’s Best Tips to grow your account…

  • Experiment 
  • Insights
  • Collaborate with other creators 
  • Produce and distribute original content 

Key Takeaways

  • Instagram has different algorithms for Stories, Feeds, Reels and Explore
  • These algorithms are based on predictions which feed off of input signals
  • Instagram prioritises content to users based on these predictions which is likely to be content they like and/or content from people they like. 
  • Shadow Banning. It’s real. It happens. But apparently, it isn’t to get more ad spend from you, it’s because your content isn’t working.
  • Grow your audiences by trying something new! Experiment with your content, learn from your insights, team up with another business or creator, and last but not least… MAKE YOUR OWN CONTENT (your followers don’t want to hear from ChatGPT’s funny but professional TOV)

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