Twitter Tips - January 2014

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In this months Free Marketing Tips & Tricks, we take a look at the best ways to use Twitter for Business

  1. 50% Planned Content

    Its amazing, when we don’t have access to Twitter we have allsorts of ideas for tweets, then when we get to write a Tweet, your mind just goes blank!
    Has this ever happened to you?

    Alternatively, your head is full of ‘stuff’ you want to get out, music your listening to, food your cooking, frustrations of the day and you can’t put your Smartphone down. Or, your tweeting instead of concentraing on your first priority… work! Sound familiar?

    Either way when using Twitter for business use it’s no good just tweeting random nothings. Yes show your personality (people buy people) but make it simple to follow. Just have a look at your Timeline over the last few weeks and see if some-one that didn’t know you would be able to identify what you do, how you can help or be of interest to prospective followers. Remember, this is business, they could be a potential customer. When it comes to business you should be measuring success, identifying non productive time and planning a strategy to maximise time, budgets and opportunities.
    Platform Timetable
    So as a rule you should make sure you plan at least 50% of your content each week. On your chosen ‘First Day of the week’, identify the #topics of the week, identify individuals, groups or brands to target, set a Goal to be achieved or arrange your Lists (see below) and monitor. By doing this you will start to see patterns, understand what increases Favourites or Retweets, gains you better quality followers, identify quality research and create results that justify your time and new content ideas.

  2. Retweets – Think 115

    It sounds basic but it’s amazing how easy it is to forget when you just can’t wait to write and send a tweet.
    If you have a key message to tweet and want others to Re-Tweet (to extend your reach non-followers), or ‘Quote Retweet’ ,make sure you only use maximum 115 characters. If you use more, your message will be reduced in order to fit the additional charachters that Twitter will automatically add on the Retweet. (e.g RT @singleton :” Your tweet content“) .

    Likewise if your adding an image or link to a website, make the message short and interesting as your objective is to get RT’s and clicks to your website (where they can read more).

  3. Lists

    For many its quantity over quality. The more people they follow the more followers they receive and look popular (ring any bells?)
    In this case you will soon see that your Timeline is continuously being updated and there is very little chance you can keep up with, or read all the tweets from people you follow at that particular time.

    SocialMediaSavvyhtagTo avoid this, head to ‘My Profile’ > ‘Lists’.
    Here you can create specific lists and put followers into these e.g. ‘Clients’ or ‘Targets’. Once saved, simply go to your chosen List and Twitter will only display these on your new (list) Timeline, silencing all the noise from others and allowing you to monitor and reply to the tweets from your most important, monitored or influential Tweeters. Don’t forget to choose between the ‘Private or Public’ list options.


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