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With so many digital platforms to choose from, added to traditional marketing techniques, it becomes confusing for business owners to know where and how to utilise their resources and budgets…

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What’s the long term plan, goal or objective?
It’s easy to make decisions on a whim, but how will that effect other areas of the business and your future success? whY-us? supports your to see the wider vision, benefits and affects of a strategic marketing plan, for immediate and long term benefits.

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Following the explosion of Digital Marketing, we have an immense choice of ways to reach our target audience. How do you decide which traditional and digital platforms to use? We will help you identify your true target audience and better understand how to find them and send your key message through a variety of formats. 

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How do you plan your marketing budget and monitor spend? Many businesses simply react to their current financial situation at the time. This is no good for planning and review, to see what did and didn’t work well in the past.  We will support you to develop a budget, with results, that enables you to build a contingency, adapt according to results and be able to report and review.

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Return On Investment

Working with your budgets, and overall strategy, we will support you to better realise and understand what is and is not performing.  We will support you to better understand the true price and value of marketing through a variety of methods. Don’t be put off by getting quotes. We will help you understand what you should expect and will receive from a wide range of marketing tools and providers.

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Programmes & Organisations

Over the last 10 years we have been approved and trusted providers of a variety of funded business support, coaching, mentoring and action learning sets programmes through ERDF, NWDA and BEIS funding.