Nathan Joins the whY-us? team

Nathan Joins whY-us? On Work Placement

whY-us? have committed to upskilling the local area in multiple ways. We have recently welcomed another student from Blackburn college for work placement for his Level Three Diploma in IT.

Meet the newest member of the whY-us? team, Nathan Maughan. Nathan is in the second year of his IT course at Blackburn College. A requirement of the course he is studying is completing a set amount of hours of work experience in the industry. Extended work placements allow students to apply the theories and practices learnt in class to real-life scenarios and tasks.

Nathan will gain valuable experience working with whY-us? as we assign him challenging but relevant tasks. We are working closely with his course leader and tutors to ensure his work experience can align with his diploma.

Nathan joins whY-us?

We are glad to have Nathan on board and hope he will gain lots of knowledge and experience from this placement. Richard and Carl will lead him on different types of software development tasks which will directly align with his course. We will also allow him to explore other areas, like marketing strategies and content creation, which Kelsey will oversee. 

Nathan says

“I am very excited to carry out my work placement at whY-us? The experience will allow me to gain my Level Three Qualification and experience within a real workplace in the industry I am pursuing. This placement will hopefully give me an idea of which part of IT I want to pursue in the future and also further my skills to help me with my college course.”

Richard says

“We are excited to welcome Nathan to whY-us? and support him develop experience working in the industry alongside his studies at Blackburn College.

This is the second time we have welcomed a student from Blackburn College as we recognise the mutual benefits the T-Level courses provide to both our business and the students.

It is important to support young people in gaining as much experience in the workplace as possible. This allows them better understand the diverse range of career paths and options that are available to them. Just from social media alone, I believe it’s very easy to be distracted or influenced to take a path that friends and family can force you down.

Having the opportunity to combine studies and work experience in a sector-related company at 16-18 years old, gives people a better understanding of expectations, the work environment, how to develop their personalities in a professional environment and ultimately a more informed decision on their future aspirations.

As a business, whY-us? can ensure the working environment is inclusive for the student. The time a student spends with us is mutually beneficial. We always encourage students to be vocal and the variety of ideas and opinions they share offers a fresh perspective. We are also committed to supporting our local community and completing our Lancashire Skills Pledges through the Lancashire Skills and Employment Hub and Lancashire Enterprise Partnership.”

Nathan is the second student we have supported with work experience from Blackburn College. Isaac joined whY-us? in 2021 and enjoyed applying his theoretical learning to practical tasks. Working at whY-us allowed him to gain working experience in a relevant industry, working within a team and adapting to a professional environment. We are happy to have supported him through the work experience element of his course. Isaac is now studying for a degree in Cyber Security. 

Upskilling the workforce is something we have committed to through the Lancashire Skills Pledge. Are you looking to upskill your staff, maybe train an apprentice or an existing member of your team?  Find out how we can support you at whY-us?

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