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Website Design and Build for The Outdoor Floor Co.


WhY-us? Marketing, a marketing agency that specialise in website design & SEO, was approached by The Outdoor Floor Co., a company specialising in outdoor flooring solutions and playground installation. The Outdoor Floor Co. had minimal online presence, relying solely on a Facebook page to showcase their services and word of mouth to market their services. Recognising the need for a website to showcase their previous work and attract potential clients, The Outdoor Floor Co. approached of whY-us? Marketing to design and build a professional, responsive website.

Client Background

The Outdoor Floor Co. caters to a diverse clientele, including schools, local authorities, golf courses, business contractors, care homes, pet day care, and domestic clients. Their target audience are looking for creative, engaging and safe outdoor spaces.

Project Goals

The primary goal of the website Responsive website build for The Outdoor Floor Coproject was to create an online platform for The Outdoor Floor Co. to showcase their previous work and provide a platform for prospects to contact them for a quote. This would allow potential clients to view their portfolio and gain confidence in their expertise and capabilities and also inspire creativity for projects with ideas from previous jobs. Additionally, the website needed to be mobile-responsive, allowing The Outdoor Floor Co. to showcase their work while on-site quoting.

Design Scope and Features

whY-us? Marketing’s website lead, Carl worked closely with Sam of The Outdoor Floor Co. to understand their branding guidelines. They had a logo and specific colours that served as a foundation for the website’s design. With creative freedom, Carl crafted a visually appealing and cohesive design that reflected the professionalism and quality of The Outdoor Floor Co.’s services.

We created an “Inspire Me” page, featuring a gallery of images showcasing their previous projects. This feature allowed potential clients to browse through a variety of flooring installations, gaining inspiration for their own projects.

We also created a page looking at all the different surface options and what they are used for. This page gives the prospective client an understanding of what is required for the project while displaying the extensive knowledge and experience of The Outdoor Floor Co.

Content Creation

While The Outdoor Floor Co. had some testimonials, Carl assisted in content creation for the website. He worked closely with Sam to craft compelling copy that highlighted their expertise, quality craftsmanship, and customer satisfaction.


The website’s primary call-to-action was to encourage visitors to fill in the online contact form. This streamlined the lead generation process, allowing The Outdoor Floor Co. to receive inquiries and respond promptly to potential clients.


Samantha Duff – The Outdoor Floor Co.:

“Carl has designed a professional website giving us great online presence and allowing us to showcase our previous work effectively. We are now able to reach a wider audience and generate more inquiries, which has resulted in increased business opportunities. I couldn’t recommend him more.”

Carl Elmer – whY-us? Marketing:

“It was a pleasure working with The Outdoor Floor Co. on their website project. We were able to create a visually appealing website using SEO best practices that not only showcases their previous work but also provides an excellent user experience. We are proud to have helped them establish a strong online presence and drive business growth.”

In Summary

Through effective collaboration and understanding of the client’s needs, we successfully designed and built a website that showcased the company’s previous work and attracted potential clients. The visually appealing design, user-friendly interface, and mobile-responsive layout ensured a seamless experience for visitors, ultimately leading to increased inquiries and business opportunities for The Outdoor Floor Co.

The website, accessible at, serves as a powerful marketing tool, positioning The Outdoor Floor Co. as a trusted provider of outdoor flooring solutions for schools, local authorities, golf courses, business contractors, care homes, pet day cares, and domestic clients.

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