Ranking on LinkedIn Recent Update June 2023

Ranking on the LinkedIn Algorithm

LinkedIn has recently reviewed its algorithm and implemented changes to the way content is ranked. Find out what changes have been made, and how to create content to ensure you continue ranking on LinkedIn below.

Did you know that every second, three professionals join LinkedIn?

Although LinkedIn has been the renowned platform for professionals and B2B marketing for years, since 2021 the platform has significantly grown. Some of this growth, according to LinkedIn, is due to the shift that happened in content during the pandemic in 2020.

Due to the way we worked and communicated professionally in the pandemic, LinkedIn saw a growth in personal content being posted on the app. In 2023, it is still the same. Arguably, personal content can perform extremely well, but that is not what LinkedIn wants.

According to LinkedIn, there has been a number of user complaints about the amount of personal content on the app, opposed to valuable, expertise and knowledgeable content. Due to this, LinkedIn has made significant changes to its algorithm.

LinkedIn discussed the recent changes with Entrepreneur’s Editor in Chief, Jason Feifer. This update has given clarity about what LinkedIn is looking for from creators on the platform.

The main changes on the platform are changes to the feed and an insight into how content on LinkedIn is ranked.

Changes to Ranking on LinkedIn

The main change to the algorithm is about the feed. The update affects who sees your content and why.

An important change is that the algorithm now promotes your content to existing connections and followers. This is a really key part of this update. People who know or recognise you will of course want to hear from you and appreciate your knowledge and advice.

More importantly, LinkedIn has updated why people see your content.  Your posts will now be endorsed and ranked higher if they contain valuable knowledge, opinions and advice.

LinkedIn is looking for value. Posts by creators should offer LinkedIn users something, continue reading to find out how to do this.

How to continue Ranking on LinkedIn

To continue ranking on the LinkedIn algorithm, you need to ensure that your content offers authority and leadership. LinkedIn has really emphasised knowledge, opinions and advice.

In other words, content should be focused on your area of expertise and should be communicated with confidence. This is not a new thing. In fact, we see it with Google’s E-E-A-T’s framework. The LinkedIn algorithm is focused on content. This content should be knowledgeable and original.

How to create knowledgeable and valuable content

  1. Ensure understanding of your audience

    If you are creating content, without knowing who you are talking to, it is pointless. Begin by learning who follows you, what role they are in, and what industry and start to learn the patterns within your audience.

    Learn what content they react the best to. Ask yourself, what problems does my audience have that I can solve?


  1. Find your niche and stick to it

    If you are good at something and you enjoy speaking about it, then stick to that. Your audience is your audience for a reason.

    For example, I only typically talk about social media, content and SEO topics on LinkedIn. I choose to leave talking about website development or CRM to the experts.

    Talking about something outside of your knowledge and reputation will confuse your audience and the algorithm

  2. Follow LinkedIn’s Share, Opinion, Advice Framework
    Frameworks from platforms are really helpful for a basic understanding of what the platform wants.Ranking on LinkedIn Framework Share Opinion Advice

    A good example of a piece of content following this update to ensure your content is ranking on LinkedIn is the following:
    LinkedIn releases guidance about the algorithm > Kelsey then shares it to LinkedIn as an article with her thoughts (opinion) and informs her followers about how to create content that the algorithm will rank (advice).

  3. Create a valuable community
    Always aim to create a community, not generate followers. This is a slightly more controversial point, but LinkedIn will assess your posts on the engagement it receives.
    We all have those connections who love to tell us about our ‘great post’ –to drop a subtle hint, why don’t you share whY-us? Marketing’s post about not commenting for the sake of commenting.

By following the tips above, you will definitely tick the boxes of LinkedIn’s algorithm. However, you need to remember to find the right balance for you, the algorithm and your individual audience. Ultimately, it isn’t a bot who is reading your content, it is humans!

The best advice in summary for ranking on LinkedIn is to show your knowledge as the expert that you are, connect and build meaningful relationships with your audience, and share your opinions! If you need more advice, or some inspiration, you can book in with me for a free 1-to-1 to discuss your goals and find out what you’re doing wrong.

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