SocialMediaSavvyhtagBE SOCIAL MEDIA SAVVY in your New Business

If you want to grow your business your have to be Social Media Savvy. Social Media is massive, it’s international, it’s local and it’s not going away. If your not in the conversation your competitors are and you are missing out.

To find out how Social Media marketing affects Sales, Marketing, Customer Service and Brand Management you should attend this fully funded event for new business owners.

We look at:

  • The reasons why your business needs to have a presence and voice on Social Media
  • How Social Media will increase awareness of your new business and brand overnight!
  • How to speak to your audience
  • Considertation for protecting your brand on Social Media
  • Social Media is free to use so where’s the catch?

No matter how new or old, large of small your business is, you have to be mindful of your budgets when considering your marketing strategy. Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Pinterest, amongst many others, are all free to join and so they offer a wealth of opportunity to increase your marketing reach and target audience at a minimal upfront cost.

There are though many other considerations that you have to make. How much time are you going to commit, how are you going to protect your brand name, which platforms and customer lifestyle platforms are you going to concentrate your efforts on?
In this workshop we will cover the Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Social Media for new start businesses to support your new venture and marketing efforts.


Make sure your Social Media Savvy in your new business!