Social Media Management

Social Media management gives businesses the opportunity to distribute information immediately, 24/7/365.
This means you can have complete management and ownership of your brand and gain followers and supporters of your targeted audience.

Social Media Marketing

Outsource your Social Media

When it comes to marketing, there can be no one solution that fits all. 

Social media gives you a massive reach, but do you have the time and ideas generation to run your social media activity yourself?

Outsource your social media to the experts.
Our packages below form the basis of monthly support, but we tailor the package to suit your needs and business personality.

Talk to our lead Social Media and Content Creator Kelsey about how we can support you and your business.

Every client benefits from

Choose Your Package


  • Establish Brand Personality
  • Developed Social Strategy
  • Unique Content Aligned To Strategy
  • Maximised Profile
  • Regular Posts
  • Audience Engagement & Alerts
  • Account management

Power Pack

  • As Engagement Pack plus additional...
  • Multiple Platform Content and Management
  • Branded Video Software
  • Paid Advertising Account Set-up
  • Social Paid Advertising (LinkedIn, Twitter)
  • Meta Suite Social Paid Advertising (Facebook, Instagram)
  • Pixels Meta Suite Connectivity With Website
  • Long Form Content Writing For Intro / Link to Websites
  • A/B testing, platform & goal auditing
  • Advanced reporting & review


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Why use an outsource Social Media Agency?

First of all, we don’t like the term ‘agency’ but have to use it for SEO (search engine optimisation). But now that you have found us, you will see that we are the perfect people to take the time consuming job of running your social media activity off your ‘todo’ list.

If you’ve not got the time or confidence to run your Social Media programme, we can take control and:

  • Create your profile, design all artwork and set up
  • Identify your objectives and plan your strategy
  • Update your profiles, create new connections and engage with your audience
  • Create unique text and artwork for individual posts.
  • Alert you to opportunities, conversations and recommend actions
  • Provide reports and analysis of monthly interaction
Social Media Management

Should I pay for Social Media adverts? 

Social media adverts are a great way to promote your business and extend your reach.

When you pay for advertising on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, the ad will work to reach more customers of your preferred interests and demographics.

Paid ads can be difficult and require training and experience, so it is always advised to speak to experts, like us, about them.

We recommend adding paid advertising into your strategy after your social media accounts are optimised and performing organically.

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Social Media Management Frequently Asked Questions

You can post to social media any second of the day and night meaning you are in control of your brand. If you have an urgent press release to get out, you can do this whenever you want. Remember your brand also needs to protect against any negativity or bad reviews of your brand. Social media helps you to monitor and respond to speculation immediately, clarifying any position. You can also request negative information to be removed by the platform, subject to their terms and conditions.

Our onboarding process enables us to get to know about you and all elements of your business. This is where we understand your preferences, sector, competition, USPs, desirable outcomes.
This is also a great chance for you to reflect on your overall strategy.

We then research your industry, audience and trends to formulate how we are going to manage your brand and create the core content to tell your story. Throughout the month we communicate with you and exchange ideas and imagery.

Yes you can, you are in control of your own accounts, but we ask that we have knowledge first so that we can maintain brand identity and strategy.

Our research and ongoing dialogue means there is little need for this. We are confident in our actions and desired outcomes. We get to understand boundaries in the onboarding process and also ask if we feel confirmation is required.
If you would like more control please do ask.

Yes. In order to gain a solid foundation for success and develop momentum, we need the opportunity to test and adapt to get the content right. Let’s be honest, if there was one quick fix we’d all be doing the same thing and that just wouldn’t work. We provide a 6 and 12 month contract option.

We don’t restrict you to a dedicated number of posts per week. During your onboarding and as your strategy develops we will begin to understand what frequency performs the best. Our packages are flexible and tailored as we appreciate how different each business is.