Business Modelling why-usWhat is Business Modelling?

Business Modelling provides tools and insight used to support the why and how of business needs.

Business Modelling provides your rationale from which to make key decisions.

From understanding objectives and identifying talent and knowledge gaps, to application of strategies and finance management, Business Modelling tools allow you to identify how to proceed.

Our support enables you to take a step back and reflect on what is and is not working well within the business.

Work flows are created to support processes and clarity to ensure you have a cost efficient business and people in the organisation that you can rely on.

Within Marketing are you using Push, Pull or Profiling Strategies? Consider the balance of marketing including audience, channel strategy, availability and positioning.

Which Stake Holders are you engaging to align your plan. It is important to recognise who your Stakeholders are, their level of interest and trust and the frequency in which you communicate with them, dependent on your needs and influencers.

Which Micro and Macro Factors are you able to influence, or are they influencing and impacting on your decision making and business? whY-us? can help you recognise Internal and External Control and influence mechanisms.

There many tools we can use to support you define clear goals and strategies. We can introduce you to pre-defined models or right your own bespoke support. Here are some traditional methods you may want to better understand

  • Porters 5 Forces
  • McKinsey 7s
  • Pestel
  • Above, Below and Through The Line
  • Orbit Growth Planning
  • SMART and GROW planning

We can arrange an initial chat to find identify how we can support you, then open up our took kit of support to give you a clear plan from which to align the business for growth.

It does not matter if you have a small or large business let whY-us? work with your to define your Business Modelling needs.

Our business coaches Richard Singleton and Clive Thompson provide Business, Finance and Marketing support.
Let us know who you would like to talk to.

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