finance1whY-us? provide effective solutions to ensure you are keeping track, forecasting and benchmarking financial performance.

With a range of services, reporting tools and network of specialists, we can support you to minimise your Operational and Capital costs, giving you confidence, understanding and motivation to plan and prosper in the future.



Have you ever looked to see what support is available to you through local, national and European funding?

whY-us? have relationships with a range of grant funded organisations that can financially support the service we provide to you. We also assist you in the application and criteria development to ensure your business has the organisational structure and policies in place to stand you the best change of receiving grant funded support.

whY-us? are qualified provders on the following Government, ERDF and Local Council Funded Business Programmes:
– Growth Accelerator Programme
– NEA New Enterprise Allowance
– SuperFast Lancashire Business Support


whY-us? can offer an immediate cost saving to your bottom line through Utility and Tele-communication products. whY-us owner Richard Singleton is licensed by Ofgem and Regulated by Ofcom and can provide you with cost-saving services including business gas, electric, broadband, office and mobile phone supplies and systems. We guarantee we will save you money!

We also have a huge network of business service providers that we can recommend to provide great services.

P&L REPORTING (Proft & Loss)

whY-us? can create your Profit and Loss reporting templates to support your target and forecast planning and measure your results. We will help you develop your reporting tools so that you can plan for seasonal changes, promotions, employee commission incentives, emergencies and future investment needs.

SET AND REVIEW KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)

whY-us? work with you to develop and identify KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). KPI’s must be quantifiable, concise, known to all stakeholders and capable of being measured within a set time frame.

Without goals you cannot measure success or failure and cannot lead a business to a set objective.

KPI’s can be set for departments in order to achieve desired service levels (customer satisfaction, employee retention, timed projects etc.) and used to measure any variable that is crucial to delivering success to a business.

We use models to support you to identify and develop KPI’s for each element of the business.

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