Social Media CloudLOGOSIpadYou’ve heard of Social Media, you’ve heard of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more. You might have even registered and opened an account and had a play around with them, BUT would you like to know…

> Why it is so important for BUSINESSES today?
> Why Social media crops up in most conversations?

> The importance of protecting your Brand?
> If Social Media is right for your business?

We’re always happy to have a no obligation chat about Social Media with businesses, after all, its a social thing to do. We’ve given a few ways we can support you below, but a chat over a brew is also fine to see how ‘whY-us?’ can support you as a business owner or marketing manager to effectively include it in your Marketing Mix.

You choose how you would like whY-us? to help your business:

A 1-2-1 support session to introduce you to Social Media for Business and explains:

  • Social Media TrainingHow Social Media works
  • The Pros and Cons of Social Media for businesses
  • Time management and getting results from Social Media
  • Identifying the right platform for your business.

A 1-2-1 support session that focuses on 1 particular platform (e.g. Twitter, LinkedIn, Linked In Company Pages, Facebook etc.) 

  • How to use the chosen platform
  • Creating your profile, including artwork requirements
  • Who to target, tips, tricks and best practice.
  • How to form your objective > strategy > and understand the results

Strategy planning to identify what you intend to achieve from Social Media for your business.

  • Identifying your objective for Social Media?
  • Who is going to manage the Social Media platforms
  • Setting your goals
  • How to get people and other companies to interact with you
  • Incorporating Social Media into you CRM programme
  • Measuring results, understanding the benefits and recognising impact on the brand and the business.

We host company training sessions for Marketing, Sales and HR Departments to demonstrate how user personality effects:

  • Your brand management
  • Your HR policies in protecting the employee and employer
  • Training on specific platforms (LinkedIn, Pinterst, Twitter etc)
  • Building Social Media into your collaboration tools
  • Involving your employees to promote your business through personal profiles

If you’ve not got the time or confidence to run your Social Media programme, we can take control and:

  • Create your profile, design all artwork and set up
  • Identify your objectives and plan your strategy
  • Update your profiles, create new connections and engage with your audience
  • Create artwork for individual posts
  • Alert you to opportunities, conversations and recommend actions
  • Provide reports and analysis of monthly interaction

“Social Media is all about Content and Conversation – we’ll help you create it and get people talking about it!”

‘wY-us?’ will make you and your business Social Media Savvy!
Social Media is not going away, it’s here to stay for the foreseeable future. The format will change, the platforms will alter, but the principles remain the same. If you are not in the conversation, your competitors will be and you will lose out. Here are just some benefits of using Social Media:

  • Social-MediaListUse as format to engage in Real Time interaction with businesses and people.
  • Use to increase your website and Natural Search Engine Optimisation (free).
  • Use to collate information.
  • Use as a resource and research tool to understand needs, trends and target audiences.
  • Use to develop your CRM database. Just because people may not have used your service, doesn’t mean they are not following you and are a database customer for future interaction!
  • Use to show that you are an active and progressive business.

Whilst as a tool, Social Media platforms are FREE to use, the cost is in the time management it takes you to use them, develop quality content, remain engaged in conversations and manage effectively.

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