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Utilising Awareness Days in Your Content Calendar 

Awareness Days and Social Media Holidays are a great way to find inspiration, create relatable content and stay engaged with your followers.

Social Media Holidays can celebrate hashtag holidays, international events and user-generated content. They are a great way to add different types of content into your strategy and connect you with potential customers.

Using content like this in your strategy helps you position yourself with your customers. Social media holidays can inspire and educate your followers. Educating and inspiring your customers begins the awareness stage of the content marketing matrix (see below). The types of content you can produce because of awareness days are never-ending. For example, you can use a day to simply promote one of your products, or you can use a day to create an entire campaign. 

Awareness Days can be found everywhere. You can begin by looking at your calendar, Father’s Day, Christmas. All the main calendar celebrations are good places to begin. Begin by creating a broad content schedule around those holidays and it will highlight when to start promoting your seasonal products (B2C) or increasing awareness around topics (B2B). 

Once you highlight important days in your content plan, you can begin to add other types of content. The types of content this will include will heavily depend on your business. Next, you can search for awareness days, social media holidays and topics that are more niche and suitable to your industry. You can find awareness days on the whY-us? blog and our social media platforms (linked at the end).

Talking about awareness days and their capabilities is great. But how do you use them? How do you communicate them? And what can they do for you?

Let’s use the recent nationwide event as an example. The 2022 European Women’s Football Championship. The Lionesses made us proud and won the trophy this year, bringing it home to England. 

You may be able to recall the reaction on social media. To filters on Snapchat and Instagram to posts of pride from all football lovers. The general public went crazy, and rightly so. But, they weren’t the only ones. Plenty of household brands and large organisations immediately joined in with the celebrations.

Here are some of our favourite campaigns and social media posts from brands. From Nike taking over historical landmarks to Weetabix cleverly using their slogan.

Nike’s ‘Icons onto Icons’ campaign.

Nike projected images of the Lioness team onto historical landmarks like the Tower Bridge, The London Underground and The White Cliffs of Dover.

Sainsbury’s – Sweet, Carrot, Lime

Sainsbury’s cleverly made a riddle out of newly adopted football chant and British classic, Sweet Caroline. 

Awareness Days - sainsbury's sweet carrot lime

Weetabix - "They had theirs"

A round of applause for this one! Weetabix cleverly used its tagline to congratulate the Lionesses as an official brand partner. 

awareness days - weetabix they had theirs

Specsavers - It's Coming Home Billboard

One thing about Specsavers. Their billboards alway deliver. Their on-brand optical billboard confirmed the win for England!

awareness days - it's actually coming home

Becoming a reactive brand is a way to keep involved in the social media buzz. Keeping up to date with current events is important, but there are some you can plan ahead of time.

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