Website Built For Square Peg Associates

Website Built for Square Peg Associates

Carl worked closely with Suzanne, managing director of Square Peg Associates, to envision and create her new website.

Square Peg Associates is a leading recruitment agency based in Lancashire. They specialise in placing candidates into professional roles in the accountancy, finance, business and commercial industries. Typical clients range from local accountants to larger firms based in Manchester City Centre.

Square Peg was founded in 2012 by Suzanne Edmonds. Suzanne’s entire career has focused on recruitment, and she has established an award-winning, respectable agency. As a professional, Suzanne understood her website didn’t correctly represent her business. From client feedback to competitor analysis, it was clear that her website was letting the organisation down.

Square Peg Associates logo

The old website wasn’t user-friendly enough. Suzanne’s vast recruitment experience and our knowledge of web design allowed us to build an ideal customer journey. This exercise highlighted what the website needed compared to what it didn’t have. By combining our skills and knowledge, we created a practical, within-budget and timely plan.

Redesigning Square Peg Associates

One element that required an update was the overall design. We began by assessing the company branding. Square Peg’s old website featured purple branding. The traditional logo and branding used purple as the primary colour. Suzanne recognised that as the business and industry had evolved, so had the colour purple. The logo and branding were redesigned and became navy.

Suzanne wanted the new website to be minimal. Minimalism is a design style which focuses on the ‘less is more’ analogy. She emphasised that she wanted the website to be ‘clean’ and professional. So we created a brand kit of bold colours like white, navy and gold. The branding and colours can now be used in other marketing collateral and social media marketing.

Square Peg Associates Branding example

Job Vacancies

An area of the website that needed to be improved was the job search. The old website used dated job management software. The old software didn’t allow candidates to search or refine through filtering. This made the experience long and tedious. It also meant there was a high number of user drop-offs from this page.

We also added a search bar for skills, job type (which includes seniority) and area. Then we outlined the filters that job hunters would refine and created categories with different options. The categories are:

  1. Location
  2. Salary
  3. Job category 


The individual job listings are improved and more user-friendly. There is an option to register interest. Candidates can register interest, add their CVs and store it for future opportunities. Registered interest then alerts the Square Peg team through their CRM. 

Job listings are also shareable. There are multiple social icons to share on popular platforms like Facebook, Messenger, and WhatsApp. The listings allow Square Peg to include as much information as possible. It’s mandatory to add salary information, location and other important details to ensure users have all the information. 

Square Peg Associates Job listing

Free Resources for Clients and Candidates

The Square Peg website was starting to come together. The design elements and the job listings made a huge impact on the site visually and practically. It was time to add specialist touches, the whY-us? way!

When we design websites, we think of the bigger picture. We help our clients to establish themselves digitally, that doesn’t happen by just ticking boxes! One of our shared goals was to provide Square Peg’s clients and candidates with value.

We decided that the best way to deliver value was by sharing expert knowledge from the team of dedicated recruiters. This would allow Square Peg to build their audience, build trust with prospects and become more relevant.

We did this by creating dedicated areas for both clients and candidates. By entering an email address, users can access multiple resources, tips and advice in the form of an e-book (also designed by whY-us?). By requiring an email, Square Peg can build a mailing list and offer further help and advice. This could be free resources, company news or service promotion.

Square Peg Associates Zones
Square Peg Associates Resource Example

The new Square Peg website (in our humble opinion!) is the perfect example of what a recruitment agency’s website should look like. It includes the right amount of details for both target personas. The website is a one-stop shop for candidates from job searching to advice on handling multiple job offers. 

You can view the Square Peg website yourself here

We are glad that Suzanne and the rest of the Square Peg team are happy with the website. The team are so pleased with the service provided from whY-us? that they have chosen to outsource their marketing to us! We are thrilled to be working with them and look forward to the outcomes of the further partnership.

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