Why Reviews Are Important For Your Business

Why Reviews Are Important For Your Business

Reviews for your business have never been so crucial. Reviews build trust, generate social proof and even improve your rankings. 

Reviews are a critical element in the customer decision process, so much so that 90% of customers report that they find reviews helpful when making purchasing decisions. Whether you own a retail business that targets consumers or a digital agency searching for clients, you need reviews. 

Customers are more likely to trust a business with a lot of reviews. Reviews are a form of social proof and an opportunity to show customers how popular and trustworthy you are. The role of reviews is to allow the customer to establish an opinion of the business they’re buying from. If the consumer doesn’t feel like they can trust you or be confident in what they’re buying, they may not come back again. On top of that, if there’s something wrong with one of your products (or services), the customer will be proactive in ensuring that other people know so that they aren’t stuck with a broken product too.

Ranking through Reviews

Google is a massive fan of reviews, so if you want to rank your products, services, or just your company, you need to ensure you are utilising reviews. Google considers a large number of factors when ranking, but reviews show Google that your website is credible. Rankings are also largely influenced by clicks, and when an organisation has more reviews (or more stars) than another, a customer is more likely to click on it. 


Types of Reviews

Service Reviews

Service reviews are reviews based on an experience someone has had with your business. This type of review could be about anything from delivery times or how professional your staff is. This is an invaluable type of review as it informs a potential customer on what to expect from your business. It also informs you about what your business is succeeding at or needs to improve on. Customers also tend to share an insight into their preferences in this type of review, so it is always important to take this feedback onboard.

Product Reviews 

Product reviews differ because each review is different and could vary, especially if you offer products of various qualities or a mix of suppliers. Many websites include reviews below each product to help the customer decide without having to navigate away from it. This review can even produce engagement with the product as it can create a forum for customers to praise the product and give an honest review in front of others. 


How to get reviews

There are many ways a customer can review a multi-channel business. The most popular places that customers leave reviews on are:


The most important step in the review process is persuading the customer to do it. Trustpilot is integrable, whereas google creates a custom link for each business to invite customers to review.

Here’s how you can get customers to leave a review:

  1. Set up and claim ownership of your profiles 
  2. Find the right time to ask
  3. Identify the best place to ask (like via an email or a conversation)
  4. Follow up
  5. Develop a long-term strategy to build loyalty.

Reviews are an opportunity to improve it’s an invaluable source of information provided by your customers. This information should prompt meaningful changes, like spending more time on an aspect of customer service or rewarding your staff for good work. If a review is left that is abusive, spam or false, there are ways to flag it and have it investigated. Ensure there is a clear protocol for dealing with negative reviews if you choose to publicly respond and offer a resolution.

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