Over 100 CRM Workshops For Superfast Lancashire

Over 100 CRM Workshops For Superfast Lancashire

We’re delighted to have successfully completed over 100 workshops for the joint funded ERDF, Lancashire County Council and BT  Superfast Lancashire Programme.

Richard has already delivered 14 workshops to date for the Lancashire business support programme focusing on CRM – Customer Relationships Management, with many more to follow throughout 2014. These workshops enable and highlight to businesses why and how they should be embracing change in the ‘Digital World’, in order to make more strategic decisions. After all your customers are changing, so your business should be able to aswell!

Richard explains “CRM is not just about collecting customer clients details or answering phone calls; it’s about having a discipline within the business, to ensure that all employees understand why CRM is important and how they can support sustainable business growth for the benefit of the business, employees, customers and suppliers.”

Richard continues “CRM enables you as a Business Owner to understand what is going on both ‘Internally’ within your business and ‘Externally” we call these Micro and Macro factors. By that I mean, (from an external point) what are the trends you are seeing in your customers buying or even browsing habits? How are they effected by outside influences that you find difficult to control, such as the economy, competitive choice, fashion trends and sector legislations and how are you going to recognise and tackle this?

Internally, are your processes working effectively? Are you targeting the right audiences, collecting relevant information, using the right platforms, creating new products and services from data you have recorded that may suggest it’s time to innovate or diversify?
Are your employees identifying new trends, engaging with departments internally, embracing technology and actively supporting your business to develop?”

Richard Singleton of whY-us?Following the great success and feedback from the CRM – Win, Retail, Maintain Workshops, BT (a funding body of the programme along with Lancashire County Council) have now extended the numbe of workshops whY-us? are delivering and will be hosting a new series of ‘Website Content’ workshops. We’ll be bringing you more details about these and future dates shortly, or you can check our Learning Workshops page by clicking here for latest dates as they are announced.

If you would like to know more about how whY-us? can support your business through Marketing and Business Coaching strategies, get in touch via email or phone and we would be happy to listen to your current business situation and support you to develop and embrace change.