why-us? goes sky high

whY-us? Goes Sky High

Richard and Kelsey joined NORI HR on a skydive to raise money for their 12in12for12 campaign.

whY-us? always go above and beyond. Literally! Yesterday we joined forces with NORI HR and The East Lancashire Chamber of Commerce to jump out of a plane for charity. Reaching 15,000 ft and falling for over 7 minutes was definitely an experience of a lifetime.

The Day

The day starts early with a coffee acquired and a drive to The Black Knights Parachute Centre in Lancaster. It is safe to say that the nerves were rising. Fast! We arrived at the parachute centre by 8:30, joining Jason Govindji-Bruce (NORI HR), Gary Foster (NORI HR) and Debbi Dawson (East Lancashire Chamber of Commerce). We managed to have a cup of tea, a sit down (to realise the seriousness of what we were about to do!) and another effort to raise some sponsorships from our contacts. 

Gary Foster (NORI HR) Kelsey Pilkington (whY-us?) Richard Singleton (Why Us) Debbi Dawson (East Lancashire Chamber of Commerce) and Jason Govindji-Bruce (NORI HR)

Then the time came for us to have our first induction. We signed our waivers, at this point slightly concerned at the wording of ‘small but definite risk of death’, and went for our training session. We were induced by skydiving professional Lee. Lee taught us all the correct safety, processes, and things we had to do. Then it was time to wait our turn!

Going Sky High

The wait seemed to take forever! It was probably around an hour of waiting before it was time to jump. Once it was time, we suited up and went through exactly what would happen on the skydive. We paired with our instructors, and it was time to board the plane. Of course, we had to take pictures first!

Richard Singleton whY-us? goes sky high
Kelsey Pilkington whY-us? goes sky high

The plane journey to 15,000ft felt like it took forever. We blame that on nerves! Slowly, we started reaching the point of no return and were immersed deep in the clouds. Our instructors did a great job at making us feel comfortable and prepared us for what was next.

It was finally jump time! Edging out of the plane, we were sky high. First went Richard and then it was Kelsey. They both agree that the initial jump was terrifying, but once you were in the sky taking in the views, it was fantastic. We were in the sky for about seven minutes. We skydived from Lancaster so we were just above the Fylde coast, where there are views of Blackpool, Morecambe and other lovely places. It is an amazing location for a skydive.

The landing was pretty straightforward. The instructors taught us a landing position, so the land was seamless. The worst thing about it was realising the dive had finished!

It was a great day for an even better cause! We finished the day with a well-deserved pub lunch and drink. The adrenaline wearing off meant we all felt a little tired at the end of the day, so it was hometime to tell our friends and families about the day.

The 12in12for12 Campaign 

Our client, NORI HR and Employment Law is passionate about charity. Since they were established in 2019, charity has always been one of its core values. This year they pledged to support 12 different charities in 12 months by doing 12 charitable events. 

NORI HR #12IN12FOR12 whY-us? goes sky high

Charities supported 

  1. 6 Connections 
  2. Accrington Stanley Community Trust 
  3. Age Concern Lancashire 
  4. Age UK Lancashire
  5. Burnley Football Club in the Community 
  6. Community CVS Blackburn 
  7. Community Foundation for Lancashire & Merseyside 
  8. Community Solutions North West 
  9. East Lancashire Hospice 
  10. Positive Action in the Community
  11. Pendleside Hospice
  12. Rossendale Hospice

So far this campaign has raised over £12,000. Collectively we have raised over £2,500 from the skydive. We are still looking for donations and would hugely appreciate any contribution. You can donate here – https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/12in12for12campaign

Next on the list for NORI HR’s #12in12for12 campaign is Quiz Night! You can join us for the big fat quiz of the year in October. Find out more, and get your tickets here.

Raising money for charity is part of your corporate social responsibility as a business. What do you do for charity? Have you done enough towards your CSR this year? Keep up to date with us and the latest whY-us? news including CSR, workshops and marketing news.

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