Youth Skills Day

Youth Skills Day

Building and shaping the younger generation has never been so important. Young people are the future. The 15th of July marks Youth Skills Day

The United Nations established Youth Skills Day in 2014, and now it’s celebrated worldwide. It emphasises the importance of preparing young people for employment and entrepreneurship. It’s particularly significant this year as the world is still recovering from COVID-19 and other issues like the mental health crisis and cost of living. 

whY-us? is involved in the local Lancashire Skills Pledge. The pledge is an initiative which helps both young people and businesses. It provides businesses with the resources to access the skills and training initiatives in Lancashire. It enables the unemployed and workforce to upskill and introduces them to potential employers and mentors. There are many ways that businesses can get involved with the skills pledge, from hiring apprentices and hosting work placements to volunteering. Below are the pledges you can choose to take. You can take as many or as little as you want and have the resources for.

Lancashire Skills Pledge Pledges

whY-us? have been awarded for the following Skills Pledeges:

Earlier this year, whY-us? received an award for being a member of the Skills Pledge. Since being involved, we have managed to achieve five out of seven pledges.

  1. Upskilling Workforce
  2. Give an Hour 
  3. Hiring an Apprentice 
  4. Work Experience and Industry Placements
  5. Be an Enterprise Adviser 

Blackburn College Placement Success


Richard explained the importance of the skills pledge to the business.

“We are committed to supporting people and creating fresh ideas and opportunities for a healthy business and working environment”.

“By committing to the pledges, we’ve enabled Isaac, a Blackburn College student, to gain valuable work experience. This placement helped towards his level three qualification that will allow him to go on to cyber security at university”. 

Isaac says “My work placement at whY-us? has allowed me to apply the skills taught in the classroom practically with real scenarios which provide me with the experience needed to continue my education further at university and providing me with a stepping stone to achieve my future goals.”

Richard added “We have also appointed Kelsey, who is a Digital Marketing Degree Apprentice from UCLan. Kelsey will complete her degree in August 2023 and will have gained five years in total work experience whilst studying through apprenticeships. The apprenticeship route has allowed her to gain experience in both B2B and B2C marketing. It has also helped her to determine an area to specialise in. For the business, it has added a new dimension, including a fresh creative thought process and additional services for our clients to benefit from.” 

“The Lancashire Skills Pledge benefits the people you are supporting but also your business. By taking the pledge and helping upskill the workforce, you’re building a future of talent. It helps to engage you with the local community, which will create positive publicity for your business. Supporting an initiative like this is also an element of Corporate Social Responsibility.” 

Businesses around Lancashire should try to get involved with the Skills Pledge, even if it’s just ‘giving an hour’. There are two ways to get involved; your business can either:

  1. Contact Lancashire Skills Pledge to let them know that you’re interested in getting involved,
  2. Tell them what you’re already doing and get them involved to join.

You can visit their website to find out more here or sign up here.


If you’re struggling with your marketing strategies and need some help to tell your story, such as demonstrating your commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility, you can outsource to us. We can act as your marketing department, or we can help to upskill your marketing apprentice. Contact us. 

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